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The Daytona Fishing Charter in the Orlando area

The Fishing Guy has been created by Capt Fred to offer fish lovers from all over the world a Daytona Fishing Charter in the Orlando area.

If you’re in for a little bit of adventure, you should seriously consider going on a chartered trip with Capt. Fred and Dean Clarke Travis. Fishing off the coast of Florida is exciting no matter what, but if you want to get the most out of the experience you really need to have somebody working as your guide to ensure you explored the hottest locations. Otherwise, you could spend an entire day on the water and not catch a single fish. Nobody wants that.
Daytona Beach fishing requires a bit of foreknowledge to enjoy. Capt Fred can take you south of Mosquito Lagoon. This locale is unlike any other place since it’s near a very large wildlife reserve just outside of Cape Canaveral. There are so many species there that you won’t even be able to keep track. Even more reason to have an experienced guide on your trip right?
Captain Fred is from France and can provide you with a unique perspective as you enjoy your journey. In this area, you’ll find redfish and Tarpon, mostly. Did you know that Tarpon can breathe water and air? This makes for an especially challenging experience as the Tarpon struggle on the line. Unlike other fish, they can get a big gulp of air to rejuvenate themselves and strengthen their resolve. So you will be fighting the fish for quite a long time. This is why Daytona Beach fishing requires an experienced guide. If you’re going to charter a trip along the Florida coast, you need someone along for the ride that can tell you where the fish are, what equipment is best, and what approach is most effective.
This area is so exciting. You can see the dolphins huddled in the water just waiting for schools of fish. The water can get quite active and makes for a thrilling experience. If you need further convincing that having a guide is beneficial, think of it this way: on your chartered trip, a guide can make sure you get the most out of the experience. You will never waste the day on the water again. You’ll know the best locations, what the weather conditions will be like, and you won’t go home empty-handed.
If you’re interested in setting up your Daytona Beach fishing trip now, you should consider calling 407-948-5035 today. Capt. Fred and Dean Clark Travis will make sure your trip is as exciting as it is productive.