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Kids Fishing in Daytona, Florida

Kids Fishing Daytona /Ponce/big redfish Florida
Fishing Charter Daytona

Many clients have asked me if they can bring their kids during their fishing trip. The following story answers this question.

Miles and George Truslow, sons of Peter Truslow, lived a true fishing adventure with me yesterday.

George carried the bait that he had found in a brook with his brother Miles. Then, we decided to fish for a few hours in the inlet. We used the following equipment: a 3000 Stradict C14, a 15 lb. line, and live bait. As you can see from the pictures, we caught a big redfish!

And yes, I had a blast helping these kids land a big fish.  I also taught them a few tips that can help them become successful fisherman on their own.  Yet, the best part is passing along my love for fishing to the younger generation. A child’s smile is so rewarding!

Life is good! Capt. Fred

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