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What’s a Common Snook? The Fishing Guy from Daytona, Florida, Tells You

Snook Fishing Daytona FloridaToday, we’ll learn about the common snook. It’s a fish that we find frequently in Daytona…

This fish species can be found in the waters of central Florida. In appearance, they are long and slender with a sloping forehead.  They cannot withstand water temperatures below 60 degrees and usually inhabit brackish water. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the largest snook caught in Florida weighed 44 lb. 3 oz.

Captain Fred believes  the best time to catch a snook is in the early morning when they feed. The Fishing Guy offers a 1-hour fishing tour next to Daytona. He offers a money-back policy: no fish, no pay 😉

Capt. Fred

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