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The Fisherman Poem

I am so passionate about fishing! Sometimes it’s difficult to find the right words and express how I feel when I practice my favorite sport. Juan Olivarez wrote a beautiful fisherman poem that I want to share with you:

I love To Go Fishing

I love to go fishing everyday,
To the river or the lake.
Up in the morning without delay,
I go fishing soon as I wake.

Down to the water to wet my line,
My float bobbing up and down.
Fishing in the morning, is just so fine,
Your face will never sport a frown.

A big ole catfish, or a little bluegill,
I just don’t give a hoot.
I love the way fishing makes me feel,
To me it’s like forbidden fruit.

If I get lucky and get a bite,
Then the day is made.
I’ll stick around till early night,
Just snoozing in the shade.

Juan Olivarez

Thank you, Juan, for capturing how I feel.  I, too, “love to go fishing.”

Capt. Fred