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7 Tips to Catch Big Redfish in Daytona and Ponce Inlet, Florida

Today, I am going to give you my 7 best tips to catch a big redfish :

  1. First, acquire the proper bait (the bigger, the better): pinfish, mullet, or pogies.
  2. Use 20 ls line minimum (new braid).
  3. Use a good reel. I recommend the Stradic CI4 4000.
  4. Use a good rod and pay attention. All the ceramic eyes of your rod are not broken; they cut your braid or line. Also, I use a circle hook (3 to 5, depending on the size of the bait, and I consider the weight based on the current).
  5. Try to find areas where there is the most activity (bait, birds, etc.).
  6. When you hook a fish, don’t put too much drag on the reel.
  7. After you catch the fish, be quick if you take a picture.
  8.  I said I was going to give you 7 tips, but I have a last tip to give: after you’ve taken the picture, don’t kill the fish. Release the fish when you’re sure it can swim.

I can show you how to implement these tips during a fishing charter tour.

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